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3CW30,000H7  /  3CW30000H7             





The 3CW30000H7 / 3CW30,000H7 Vacuum tube is a high mu triode used as a class B RF Amplifier, class C power Amplifier and Oscillator. 




Electrical specifications for the 3CW30,000H7  /  3CW30000H7 Vacuum Tube:

Filament                                                                     Thoriated tungsten mesh

Voltage                                                                       6.3 Volts

Current                                                                       160 Amps

Amplification factor                                                    200

Plate Dissipation                                                       30,000 Watts

Grid Dissipation                                                         500 Watts

Maximum frequency for full rating CW                     110 MHz


Capacitance Grounded Cathode connection:

Input                                                                                    56 pf

Output                                                                                 .2 pf

Feedback                                                                           36 pf


 Mechanical specifications for the 3CW30,000H7  /  3CW30000H7 Vacuum Tube:


Cooling                                                                      Water & forced air

Base                                                                          Flexible leads

Length                                                                       20.6 in.

Diameter                                                                    6.75 in.

Weight                                                                       12 lbs.









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