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3CW20,000H7  /  3CW20000H7              





The 3CW20,000H7  /  3CW20000H7 Vacuum tube is a high mu triode used in zero bias used in class B RF amplifier and class C power amplifier or Oscillator.



Electrical specifications for the 3CW20,000H7  /  3CW20000H7 Vacuum Tube:

Filament                                                                                   Thoriated tungsten  mesh

Voltage                                                                                    9 Volts

Current                                                                                    99 Amps

Amplification factor                                                              200

Plate Dissipation                                                                   20,000 Watts

Grid Dissipation                                                                    500 Watts

Maximum frequency for full rating CW                           110 MHz


Capacitance Grounded Cathode connection:

Input                                                                                    59 pf

Output                                                                                 .2 pf

Feedback                                                                           36 pf


 Mechanical specifications for the 3CW20,000H7  /  3CW20000H7 Vacuum Tube:


Cooling                                                                                  Water & forced air

Base                                                                                       Flexible leads

Length                                                                                   20.70 in.

Diameter                                                                                6.75 in.

Weight                                                                                   12 lbs.








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